Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 12 (Roma)

What would be the point if we couldn't poke fun at ourselves along life's little journey? You may recall that my previous entry was somewhat lengthy. Which was written in an Internet cafe, better known as a bar! Long story short, we had a wonderfully romantic evening, just the two of us. The waiter set up a table with candles in a private back patio and brought us wine and couse couse (spelling not right) and well it was just lovely. Once we switched off the laptops we moved up front to be a bit more social (translate anyway you like and you will probably be close to my consumption level). Around 1 AM we, mostly me, stumbled back up the hill to the camp grounds. A perfect end to a perfect day in the fantastic city of Florence.

The next day we broke camp and headed for the hot springs at Saturnia, a short stop on the way to Rome. I was very sick.... Did I mention the RV is a standard, which translates into I am the only driver. I made it 4 km to the first gas station before feeling the need to look for my keys in the grass beside the camper... It is both a blessing and a curse to have a bed in the back of your car. I laid down for a few minutes mustering my strength and willing my stomach to return to its normal location south of my throat. I got back behind the wheel and we were off. About 20 more kilometers that is, before I skidded into a road side stop, while Windy held the shopping bag, like a feed sack from my ears. For those that have known me since childhood you will recall the one thing I am absolutely NOT good at is tossing cookies. I am loud, and I really apply myself.

Another 30 km and I pulled off the highway stopping for a third plastic bag, yes the one with the hole in it. While I can't recall feeling worse, I had to laugh just a bit at the repeat of a similar scene 20 years earlier, while traveling with Mom, Lee and the boys. He did have a valid excuse, which is more than I can say. I found a parking place and Windy fixed the boys lunch while I napped. I slept for an hour, got a Dramamine down, and returned to the wheel once more.

We pulled into the hot springs about 4 pm, and everyone suited up for a dip in the water. They were very very neat, and the kids loved them. Windy had taken the boys on ahead. By the time I arrived at the baths Windy was holding up her wrist and pointing to it was a very unhappy look on her face. I thought something might be wrong with the sulphur springs but other people were sitting around soaking quit contentedly. As I got closer I could make out what she was saying. Her Tiffany's bracelet had gone from gleaming silver to bluish black. It was at this point we learned Sulphur and Silver are not friends. Both our puzzle rings met the same demise. Being optimistic, I sort of like mine this color.

We drove on into the camp grounds in Rome. Actually we stayed at Castle Fusano which is on the coast. Not right on the beach but very near and pretty cool as well.

Friday was Windy's last full day so we headed into Rome using the transit. We caught a shuttle from the camp grounds to the train station, then the train to the subway line B, then a switch to line A and a few stops later we popped out at the Vatican. We walked to the Basilica and took the tour, wow. It is more amazing than words can describe. The kids really enjoyed it too. Then we had lunch from one of those street vendor carts and headed over to the Vatican Museum (Sistine Chapel). There is a lot of amazing stuff to see, but all I kept thinking about was the Sistine, and didn't really fully appreciate the lead up as much as I could have. But let me tell you when you walk into the Chapel it is a physical experience. I did not cry but I would be lying to say I wasn't close. Like so much art you see in real life, the books and video's simply can not do them the justice they deserve. I was left in awe.

After leaving the Vatican we hoofed it all over town. I am really proud of the boys, they are doing a great job keeping up and we are putting some miles on those sneakers. I have discovered the trick to a tired boy is Gelatto (Italian ice cream). A few scoops of this wonder drug and the legs are as good as new. We say so much stuff we didn't have time to put names to all of it. It was more fun to look up, than down at a guide. We finished the day with the Colosseum and a bit of shopping.

Windy's cooked a wonderful chicken dinner complete with rice, corn and bread, then packed for the trip home today. The boys and I took her to breakfast and then the shuttle. She was sad to go, but happy to have covered as much ground as she did.

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