Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Europe 2008 - Day 0

Wow, and we are off. Our friend Robert played chauffeur and dropped us at the Atlanta airport where we boarded a plane for Frankfurt Germany, via Londons Heathrow airport. We had a 3 hour layover in London and then on to Frankfurt. We arrived in Frankfurt around 5 pm local time, but pparently two of our bags had a different plan, and they are off somewhere on their own holiday. The two checked bags are all the camping gear (pots, pans, flashlights, etc) and the other just happens to be ALL of Windy's clothing. I have to say, she has been a really good sport about it. Lufthansa has been very nice, and provided 200 Euros to buy some replacement clothes. We are not exactly sure if thats a loan or courtesy, more on that later. The boys are far more excited than I expected them to be. Did I mention that they are touching, pulling, poking, and fiddling with absolutely everything they get within reach of. For those family vacation veterans, this may ring a bell. But the end of the three airport, customs, and security checks, I am pretty sure several hundred strangers are convinced we are the worst parents on the planet, having issued so many stern threats to behave. Trust me when I say they all seem to have fallen on deaf ears (grin).

After checking into the Intercontinental Hotel (Yea Windy) we headed out for dinner. Our hotel in on the Rhine river with a spectacular view of the river and city (see the photo gallery). We walked over the bridge and past the museum to a river boat reasurant where we had dinner. It was very good, as we were all hungry. We finished the warm summer evening with a long walk back through the city to the hotel.


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