Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hobby with a purpose - maybe

Ok, So I've been think about how I can turn something I enjoy doing into a value add for my employer as well.  

One of my hobbies is video production.  In my case meaning everything from shooting the footage to editing the clips, label design and packaging.  Cradle to grave to to speak.

Given I like to play around on the Mac, I have been thinking about putting together a magazine style show for Support Services Delivery.  Something that would be watched within the corporate network only, but on a voluntary basis.  It has to be interesting enough to warrant people taking 15 to 20 minutes a week to watch it.

I am thinking it would be a great avenue to our organization to "get the word out" about things that are interesting to us, the feet on the street.

I am thinking it need to NOT turn into a head quarters looking effort, but rather a field look.  Thats not to say it can't be polished but it needs to speak to the intended audience, the field or perhaps the delivery organization.

Possible sections I am considering:

  • Work Smarter - section on tips and tricks such as email filters
  • Rants - Funny rants about frustration things
  • iWork Cribs - Video tours of home office setups
  • Ride-A-Long - Video ridealongs with engineers doing services
  • Interviews - Fast paced interviews (NOT long winded)
  • Tech Update - Maybe, some new tech coming out we would be interested in
  • Commercials - stupid or funny commercials
  • User submits - Interesting websites, tools, books or magazines

That could be fun, but a lot of work as well.  I think once you get it laid out with the sections and graphics it would flow pretty well and be reproducible.

I think at first this would have to all be done on my personal time, as this is not what I am paid to do.  Thus the hobby aspect until there is established value add then we will see if there are possible next steps.

But for now I have no content, so this is just dreaming out loud.

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